Check out all the HertzbergerTV Premium online courses!

Welcome to Hertzberger TV Premium. The online field hockey courses to help you become a better, more confident, allround, modern-day player!
These courses are not available yet! My goal is to present them in march 2023.

Shooting, scoring & positioning

The online course to turn you into an elite goalscorer!

  • 15+ video lessons
  • More than 100 minutes of detailed tutorials
  • Extra content: Full video of Jeroen’s training.
  • Learn about Jeroen’s vision on scoring & positioning
  • Tricks & tips to scoring more goals

Become the Specialist

The online course to become a modern day allround specialist!

  • Dragflick
  • Shoot out
  • Penalty stroke
  • Extra content: Jeroen’s training
  • Other players talking about specialities
  • Much more!

Get hockey fit in 6 weeks

The online course to get you hockey fit in 6 weeks.

  • Training program field
  • Training program gym
  • Diet tips
  • Home or gym
  • All ages and levels.

Elimination with imagination

The online course will help you become a feared eliminator.

Get creative with me and lets figure out how to eliminate in every possible game situation. Whether we go around or through a defender but also if we lift the ball and use 3D skills or leave the ball on the turf nd use our body fakes.

Online coach & mentoring program

Work with me for 4 months and improve your hockeyskills and athlete mindset.
Lets get on facetime and talk. Lets work on all area’s of the game but especially what you are struggeling with.
Let me give you hockeydrills to do and let me give you feedback using video evaluation.